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Hindu Masjids


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The Author

Prafull Goradia, former member of Parliament, wrote “The Saffron Book” in 2001. It is the first attempt to think through Hindutva and has been much sought after by readers. Many refer to it for understanding the Hindu ethos. Its Hindi and Bengali translations are also available now.

A graduate of Elphinstone College, Mumbai, the author has been fortunate in not suffering from any crossfire of the Hindu – Muslim conflict which enables him to be free from any prejudice. Although a Hindu, his early education was by Catholic Anglo-Indian teachers. For eight years he was taught spoken Urdu by Agha Iqbal Mirza.

Hypocrisy is not the key for achieving Hindu – Muslim oneness without which India cannot be integrated. Many an eminence beginning from Emperor Akbar to Bhakta Kabir to Mahatma Gandhi have tried. Jawaharlal Nehru and Rajiv Gandhi a la Shah Bano also attempted. Yet the equation has oscillated between that of an acquaintance and an adversary. At best, they have smiled at each other and at worst, have killed one another. The relationship has never firmed up into friendship. Goradia believes no one can be a friend unless he is frank and forthright. Hindu Masjids is an endeavour for laying new foundations for building amity between the two communities.

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